Become a member

How to

become a member

Contactez-nous pour devenir membre et nous vous enverrons un questionnaire Contactez-nous pour devenir membre et nous vous enverrons un questionnaire

We meet you and ask you to fill out a questionnaire to give us a clear picture of your SME/start-up


Once your business has been accepted, you sign a collaboration charter, giving you access to our trend-watch through a regular Newsletter, a collective and/or individual support service, and collaborative projects.

Who can become

a member or partner?

  • Start-ups, small and large
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Universities and colleges,
  • Employment and training agencies,
  • Professional associations and
  • Regional institutions, etc.

with a line of business relating to tourism, events, culture, accommodation, catering, transport or leisure.

Who can benefit from

individual support?

  • Companies/start-ups of regional significance with innovative, original or novel business activity. Priority will be given to legal entities with an economic purpose
  • Companies/start-ups with a project that raises the profile of the Brussels-Capital Region and increases its appeal to tourists
  • Priority will be given to projects of less than three years
  • With the aim of becoming international
  • With a pre-drafted business plan or a project proposal


become a member?

  • Have a team at your disposal to help you launch your business successfully
  • Take part in various events on relevant topics
  • Be put in touch with stakeholders across the entire sector
  • Find partners to collaborate with on innovative projects
  • Obtain information on existing grants and subsidies in particular
  • Meet associations, federations and public organizations