The experts

Greg Malcause

Greg Malcause offers an auditing and consultancy service in Brussels, in the fields of business, marketing and communication.

He juggles daily between launching personal entrepreneurial projects and coaching other project promoters.

His approach is aimed both at entrepreneurs just starting out and at already established businesspeople wishing to give their projects an extra boost.

Greg collaborates regularly with a number of Brussels-based institutions, often making the link between certain public and private spheres.

Julien Vankriekinge

This company supports hotel owners and identifies growth opportunities.
Your Peak Revenue helps hotels to position themselves by establishing a strategy for price optimization, online distribution and performance analysis.

Kapungu tchop

With several restaurant launches and numerous culinary trips under her belt, she knows all about operations. Coaching, brainstorming, surface negotiations, investment, networking: Tchop is there at every stage of your restaurant project, with her experience under her belt, always in no-stress mode. And she won’t stop at theory! Like a fish in water once she’s in the room, Tchop will be there for you in the first days of your opening.

Phone : 0476/26 70 42

Olivier Tombeur

HorecAssist is a hospitality consultancy founded in 2017 by Olivier Tombeur. With more than 20 years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry in Belgium, Monaco, Cannes, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Luxembourg, Olivier Tombeur puts all his experience at the disposal of hoteliers and restaurateurs!
HorecAssist specialises in building commercial and digital strategies to help its clients increase their turnover and profits.
Throughout their career, they have advised and guided several hotel leaders, entrepreneurs and trained future hotel professionals.

Address: Avenue Beau Vallon 53, 1410 Waterloo
Tel : 0476021748


Restaurant consultant and Michelin-starred chef Marta Cebrian Lopez is a compulsive traveller, protector of sustainable cuisine, seasonal produce and is CEO of MCL Food Consulting.

MCL Food Consulting helps you create kitchens and restaurants with emotion, focusing on people and their ability to learn.  They implement efficient processes, make your kitchen organised, ergonomic and profitable, and inspire your team to be the best they can be as cooks and food preparers.

Phone: +32485608686