Brussels Food Business Center

Sara Dirkx, Brussels Food Business Center (BFBC)

Member of circlemade and hospitality since 2019.

Sara Dirkx is a person committed to the circular economy. It recently obtained recognition from companies involved in the field.

Brussels Food Business Center is a business incubator born from the desire to support sustainable food projects, as varied as they are. His goal ? Collectively take part in positive change.

In fact, BFBC offers the rental of professional and individual kitchens for any type of food entrepreneur, both for those with defined projects and for more indecisive starters. The concept of collective kitchen allows a pooling of space and equipment. This formula promotes the reduction of their energy consumption and therefore favors the circular economy. In addition, Sara generally welcomes meaningful projects, both socially and ecologically. She also helps her clients obtain organic certification and offers cooking lessons as part of team building or school outings.

Here are some examples of start-ups that have grown up in his food nursery. These different Brussels actors have become icons.

Shak’Eat is an association that offers awareness activities around sustainable and zero-waste food. Les Pots de L’ilot is a non-profit organization which is developing a social economy project. They offer training or employment to homeless people. They prepare jars of 100% organic and local vegetarian products including watercress from Laeken and mushrooms from PermaFungi in Brussels. Cutie Pie offers and transforms glass jars for little gourmets, containing local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

These companies have started their projects in the Co-Kitchen area of ​​Brussels Food Business Center. The rental of kitchens made it possible to test their concept while minimizing investment. The Brussels workshop increases its chances of success by investing little but effectively.

BFBC also simplifies the work of its customers by providing them with storage spaces, kitchens to AFSCA standards and expert advice on food processing.

Nothing is left to chance. During a first meeting with Sara Dirkx, you will have the opportunity to see its premises from all angles and thus discover its professional and modern kitchens which allow any new entrepreneur to test his concept in real conditions. You will realize that by working with them you will be able to pool the purchasing services of raw materials, packaging and logistics.

In addition, these workshops are very well located. They are located in Laeken, 1 minute from Tour & Taxis and very close to the highway and the city center. They are therefore ideally installed for UberEats, Take Away and Deliveroo deliveries.

For Sara Dirkx, being a member of circlemade and hospitality means being part of a community of motivated people who are convinced of the importance of being a pioneer in their sector.

His expectations ? Know more members to create new partnerships.

If you have a food project in progress or want to embark on a new project, you can find us on our website and on our networks.