The Ludoguide is an innovative and playful mediation support to attract new visitors and leave a mark on their minds. Thanks to an interactive audio tour, the visitor is immersed in the universe of your heritage site. He becomes an actor of his visit since he becomes one of the protagonists of the narration. We further stimulate their participation by allowing them to make choices that will influence the narrative. Each visitor lives a unique experience.

Our Ludoguides are built like an audioguide-you-are-the-hero. The visitor embodies a character who has an objective and who will face obstacles. The narrative and the interactive dimension are designed to make the information accessible to a maximum number of visitors.

To build the scenario, we work in collaboration with the site team. Together, we define the information contained, the message and the target audience in order to create a tailor-made scenario. When the scenario is ready, we have it validated by a panel of scientists.