What can we

do for you?



Is your company looking for specific support? The cluster offers personalised assistance with different topics (such as the search for funding, grants and subsidies, and so on). Individual support is aimed at innovative SMEs and start-ups that meet certain criteria.

Subsidies and regional grants

We help you identify the most beneficial financial assistance based on the needs of your business, and provide you with accurate information about specific types of grant. In order to maximize the likelihood of your receiving financial assistance, we help you compile your dossier and together we perform a full analysis of your chances of obtaining it.

Assistance in preparing a financial plan

A key tool for any entrepreneur, a business plan will allow you to structure your project, and constitutes an essential document for obtaining valuable funding from the banks. It will also give you a certain degree of credibility at future meetings with the various contact people along the path towards creating your business. Every project must in fact have a market study, forecasts, a strategic plan, and so on.

Looking for financing

Once the project has been developed, the question arises of how to finance it. Our advisers help you to identify your financing needs and guide you towards the appropriate sources of financing, whether it’s for achieving your project or for growing your business. They bring you into contact with sources of financing that are adapted to your needs: bank-based financing, equity financing, alternative financing, and so on.

Support in obtaining planning permission

Several procedures must be followed to obtain a town planning or environmental permit. Through our Town Planning & Environment Department, we help you prepare permit applications by advising you on the best way to present your dossier.

International innovation strategy and financing

The Cluster helps businesses in Brussels to deploy their activities both in Belgium and abroad. Within the Advice and Support Department, a European support team provides you with information, specific advice and in-depth support for preparing an optimal proposal, and for carrying out and exploiting the results of projects under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, in order to help you obtain European funding.

Advice on innovation management capacity

Together, we evaluate the innovation management capacity of your business based on an analysis of your internal processes and your innovation culture. We can also recommend ways to improve your innovation management, so as to have a tangible effect.

Partnering opportunities

We keep you informed at all times of potential partnerships with other members of our Cluster, depending on your requests and expectations. The European support team also connects interested members to large European networks.

Advice on contract law

As a start-up or entrepreneur, you may have questions of a legal nature. We analyze your legal needs and explain the procedures and legislation involved.

Competitive positioning

We support and assist you in identifying direct and indirect competitive solutions and in situating the performance of your product or service in relation to market needs and existing competition.