What can we

do for you?



By becoming a member of the Hospitality cluster, you can be part of an innovative environment and benefit from all the services on offer. Discover the cluster’s many activities and sign up for our upcoming events. Visit the “Members” page for details on how to join the cluster.


Take advantage of advice from sector experts and accounts from professionals, in order to optimize the results of your start-up or business and your development strategies.

Collective coaching

Benefit from coaching in a small group open to members and partners, focusing on specific topics.


These workshops enable entrepreneurs and SMEs to meet each other, exchange their best practices and potentially agree to form partnerships in order to take part in collaborative projects together.

Integration in local networks

Do you want to meet a business partner in a sector closely linked to your own? The Cluster facilitates the development of synergies and collaboration among its members. Take advantage of the various events organized by the Cluster to get to know other companies in Brussels that operate in the Hospitality sector. The Cluster identifies, classifies and connects businesses with the relevant contacts.

Raising awareness of innovation

Creating a culture of innovation provides members with a simulating environment. The Cluster takes regular action to raise awareness of innovation so that each business involved considers innovative ideas and benefits from the support of a consultant to analyze its innovation potential and to characterize the challenges of its project.

Keeping track of trends

Through our regular Newsletter, we keep you informed at all times of the latest trends in the sector both in Belgium and abroad. By detecting technological and social innovation trends in the sector, the Cluster allows entrepreneurs to position themselves in the most promising market segments and receive support with sector-specific changes.


Digital platforms, the circular economy, virtual reality, the Internet of things… there are countless sectors with the same fields of competence as tourism. We connect you to other sector clusters in Brussels, such as the Software Cluster, or other tourism clusters abroad.

Increased visibility

You will be visible to the rest of the sector thanks to your business profile, listed permanently on our website.

Innovative collaborative projects

The innovation of tomorrow in the hospitality ecosystem will require numerous and varied skills. The Hospitality Cluster promotes multidisciplinary innovation and supports its members with the aim of facilitating the implementation of innovative projects and solutions.