Tour d’Europe during the fine food fair Tavola: bridge between European Food & beverage buyers and producers

Tavola is the meeting point of all professionals of the fine food sector. The fair, organised from 11th March till 13th March 2018, has a leading position as the exclusive business forum for the retail food sector and the large catering organisations.

The access to the fair is strictly limited to a professional public.

An international matchmaking event (Tour d’Europe) will be organized during Tavola.

Tour d’Europe is an unique opportunity for European buyers to meet  food & drink producers. The event will organise face-to-face buyer-producer meetings based on specific requests from the buyers. Producers will be selected by the buyers and will be invited to  travel to Kortrijk to present their products during the pre-booked meetings. This new type of event is an initiative from de agrofood sectorgroup of Enterprise Europe Network – aiming to connect buyers and producers of the food & drink sector.