Thanks to hospitality.brussels and hub.brussels, our start-up has made a great evolution in its maturity. Coaching, networking, training, moral support, guidance and networking are all aspects we have benefited from by entering this Brussels ecosystem with super motivated and competent people. I advise all companies in the sector to join this ecosystem rich in experience and thus make the exchanges even more interesting! A big thank you for the energy you put into keeping this cluster alive, even in the face of the health crisis! For example, the recent event with Circlemade was great! Keep it up!

Aushim Koumar - CEO

hospitality.brussels has enabled us to meet more and more professionals from the world of accommodation and tourism and, in these times of crisis for the sector, to maintain contact. In addition to concrete support, it is important to know that there are still many of us in the boat who are willing to give it an effective and optimistic direction. We have no doubt that the hospitality team will continue to make every effort to offer companies support that matches our realities.

Xavier Langhendries - Co-Fondateur



As a Brussels entrepreneur, I am very happy to have been able to benefit from a listening ear that quickly turned into very concrete solution proposals. This contribution has helped me a lot in the construction of our collective "Breathe with Brussels". I am amazed by the responsiveness of the team. On a more individual level, your external and relevant view of our Sortilège.be attraction has allowed us to question ourselves in a very useful way. Thank you to the whole team.

Benoït Dallemagne - CEO

From the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure in Brussels, my experience with the hospitality cluster has been excellent. I have been able to benefit from a whole series of consultancy sessions with experts in subsidies, finance, and follow relevant training on e-commerce and marketing for free. This allows me to continuously learn and feel really supported, not only professionally, but also humanly. Thanks to the Cluster and good job!

Eleonore Censorii - CEO

Destination Everywhere

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I have been a member of the hospitality cluster at hub.brussels for three years now, and I can only recommend it to project leaders and entrepreneurs alike. I thank hub.brussels and its partners for their dynamism and support during this difficult period. They are for me a source of very relevant information and advice. I particularly appreciated having the possibility to benefit from the support of different coaches and the Maxifly passport to advise me in my development.

Jérôme Desombre - CEO