Please surprise me

We were pleasantly surprised to have been spontaneously contacted by the fledgling Hospitality.brussels team, who welcomed us to their offices. We benefited from two pairs of ears attentive to our project. Following this meeting, we benefited from relevant contacts with other professionals in the sector. We now feel supported in the relationship and questions inherent to the development of our atypical project.

Isabeau Paape - Co-fondatrice

We would like to thank Véronique and Siham for helping us enormously, by analysing our business plan in great depth and providing us with numerous tips on how to improve it. It was real added value to receive advice from professionals in the tourism sector, who understand the workings of this business sector and know the issues involved. We can now approach our various partners with confidence.

Joseph De Mahieu - Entrepreneur

Ave Mundum

Made in Louise

The Hospitality Cluster is an excellent network for sharing knowledge and best practices. It allows me to exchange ideas with different sectors knowing that we all have the same aim: “to improve the customer’s experience during their stay in Brussels”. The Hospitality Cluster organises conferences and workshops that help us to perform better in our work.

Martin Duchateau - General Manager

The marketing approach I propose for the sector is, needless to say, based on an analysis of the habits and needs of its existing and targeted clientele. Any creativity in future actions (local partnerships, digital presence, etc.) will be meaningless and ineffective unless it is targeted and adapted.

Greg Malcause - Consultant

Boost my shop


The hotel sector in Brussels is a very large one. In addition to hotels, aparthotels and B&Bs, there are numerous other actors such as collaborative websites, estate agents, independent service providers, and start-ups like Guidewiser which are linked to this sector. The Hospitality Cluster will bring all of these actors together, promoting exchanges between us and boosting the appeal of Brussels as a destination.

Jérôme Stinglhamber - Head of Sales & Marketing/ Partner