Explore Brussels

In the months following the terrorist attacks of 22 March 2016, impulse.brussels provided valuable support for Explore.Brussels. (...) Thanks to this expert, which I highly recommend, we were able to work on ways of finding new funding sources. The result has been very positive, since a new source of funding has allowed us to increase the annual available budget by 3%. Pursuing this method in the coming months should help us find new sources of funding for the future. Thank you Impulse and bravo on your choice of experts!

Julien Staszewski - Director

How do you think the hospitality cluster can support your business? Support from the hospitality cluster has the potential to be a significant source of growth for a project like Pristin Sellier. SMEs need support in the form of advice and financial assistance to find partnerships. Pristin Sellier is a fantastic project which requires a thorough understanding of the Horeca market and numerous partnerships in order to be successful. The hospitality cluster will, in my opinion, be very helpful for improving companies’ market understanding and approach, enabling them to transform projects into ventures that can generate employment and growth.

Maison de Froy -

Maison de Froy


Impulse has been a considerable help with a number of legal issues. We had to create the company very quickly so that we could respond to a call for proposals which fitted our business very well. Thanks to Impulse, we were able to gather all the information we needed to establish a private limited company quickly and properly. We were also able to find out about the different types of financial assistance available in the Brussels region. On top of that, we received support with day-to-day management issues, registering with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, looking for calls for proposals and responding to them in a timely and proper fashion.

Lucie Jacquemet - In charge of development in Europe