Tourbit Deep Dive Session – Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a fundamental must, if you want to bring your business forward digitally. Customer and other data must be secured according to regulations not only to make sure not to lose or leak any data but also to make sure your customer feels safe when booking your product or service online. This becomes especially important in customer communication where personal data is involved and for payment channels and other financial transactions. Safeguarding your businesse’s data and equipment from cyber attacks, viruses and malware should therefore be top of mind whenever you think about digitalisation for your business.

In this webinar we will give you an introduction to Cyber Security applications for tourism SMEs and present you two practical use cases for your awareness.


  • 11:00 h CET: Welcome and Tourbit project Introduction
  • 11:05 CET – Introduction to Cyber Security in tourism businesses – Mirva Salminen, Assistant Professor at The Arctic University of Norway (Norway)
  • 11:20 CET – Use case 1. – Alex Tomàs, Network & Security IT Manager at IEAISA (Spain) presenting Zero Trust Network Access
  • 11:30 CET – Use case 2. – Lee Roy Tipton, CTO at Awarego (Iceland)
  • 11:40 CET – Discussion: Q&A
  • 11:45 CET – Closing

Registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAtcuygpzwrH9V6_94Bwl_eZNm8HzoEaV3f

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