Many regional subsidies and public aids can give your company and projects the oxygen they need. Thanks to our experts, you will discover how to identify them and when to ask for help.

We work with you to identify which financial aids and subsidies your company is entitled to according to your company’s needs and we provide you with precise information about the specific aid. 

A reference tool for any company founder, the business plan structures your project and forms the reference document for obtaining funding from banks. Once you have written it, do you want to optimise it, measure its maturity and check its realism?

Our consultants will help you challenge your financial plan and identify your funding needs. They will direct you to the appropriate funding solutions – either to bring your project to fruition or to grow your business. 

The cluster facilitates the development of synergies and collaborations between its members. Take advantage of the various events organised by the cluster to get to know other Brussels companies working in the hospitality sector and expand your network. 

The objective of the Brussels Region is to allow all companies that want to do so to be part of the economic transition by supporting them in their digital transformation and the transformation of their business model towards more sustainability and positive impact.

As a start-up or entrepreneur, you may have legal questions. We analyse your legal needs and explain the relevant procedures and legislation.