Become a member

Becoming a member of the cluster means joining a dynamic and innovative ecosystem that boosts collaboration between Brussels-based companies in the tourism, events and cultural sectors.

Submit your application

Contact us to arrange an appointment and present your company. We will give you an application form to complete so we can better understand the activities of your SME or start-up.

Validation by a Selection Committee

After submission of your application, a Selection Committee (composed of two representatives of the Board and one person from the cluster), will analyse your application in accordance with the membership criteria of the cluster.

Sign the collaboration charter

Once your membership has been validated, you sign a collaboration charter which gives you access to all our events, our collective and/or individual coaching service and to collaborative projects.

qui peut devenir membre ou partenaire hospitality

Who can become a member or partner?

  • Start-ups, small and large companies,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Universities and colleges,
  • Employment and training stakeholders,
  • Professional federations and associations,
  • Regional institutions…

Located in Brussels and with a sector of activity related to Tourism, Events, Culture, Accommodation, Catering, Transport or Leisure.

Who can receive Individual support?

  • Companies/start-ups of regional interest with an innovative, original or new economic activity. Priority is given to legal entities with an economic purpose.
  • Companies/start-ups with a project that is beneficial to the influence of the Brussels-Capital Region and that affects its attractiveness to tourists.
  • Priority is given to projects less than three years old.
  • ¬†Internationalisation ambitions
  • With a written business plan or a note presenting the project.
qui peut beneficier d'un accompagnement individualise hospitality
pourquoi devenir membre hospitality

Why Become a member?

  • To have a team that listens to you and helps you to do your best.
  • Take part in various events on relevant themes.
  • Be put in touch with stakeholders from across the sector.
  • Find partners to collaborate on innovative projects.
  • Obtain information on existing grants and subsidies.
  • Get in touch with associations, federations and public organisations.