Selection criteria for becoming a member of the cluster

To join the hospitality network as a full member, companies must meet the following requirements:

  • have a company number and a registered office or place of business in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • have activities that fall under one of the categories of the cluster’s segmentation
  • have a minimum turnover or recent fund-raising

In addition, companies that want to join the cluster must also meet the involvement/motivation criteria:

  • companies must demonstrate their motivation
  • they must be involved in the life of the cluster for a minimum of two activities per year
  • they must collaborate with other cluster members through knowledge exchange or working groups
  • they must be involved by participating in surveys, providing data, helping to develop communication tools, etc.

Membership of the cluster is free.

Start-ups that are not yet marketing their products/services or do not have a company number (e.g. early stage project), and companies that temporarily do not yet meet the specific criteria set by the cluster can apply to become a candidate-member of the cluster before becoming a full member.