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Art of Chocolate


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Products and services​

  • Tailor-made programmes
  • Consultancy services
  • Masterclasses


Driven by our passion for chocolate and thanks to the expertise of our teachers in different fields, we want to perpetuate the know-how of Belgian chocolate, from the bean to the consumer’s philosophy, to chocolate professionals all over the world.

Discover the art of Belgian chocolate and learn from the best experts in order to acquire professional skills to create and sell high quality chocolates.

We bring our expertise and strategic skills to your business and your teams. From innovation and branding to merchandising. From distribution to customer experience, benefit from our experience and dedication to the art of chocolate.

From a thorough understanding of the complexities of cocoa bean sourcing and origins to chocolate making techniques and invaluable professional sales tools, we provide you with the techniques and tools to master the Bean2Bar proprietary process. We teach you how to build your own chocolate identity and launch your own chocolate business to create a unique shopping experience and generate exceptional returns on your business.

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