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Products and services​

  • Boat tour

Brussels by Water is a non-profit whose purpose is the tourism, recreational and educational use of the Brussels Region’s waterways.

Brussels by Water is also developing a regular offering of affordable quality passenger water transport options both departing from Brussels and the Brabant regions and arriving in the capital.

The Waterbus is one of Brussels by Water’s development projects.

This pleasant form of interregional mass transport is comfortable and avoids traffic jams. It provides stress-free travel in the highly congested “Senne canal” area. Given the growing mobility problems in Brussels, this form of transport is bound to grow in the coming years.

In addition, it promotes cycling in the canal zone as bicycles can be brought on-board. It also encourages new pedestrian mobility by “shortening” distances.

Come try it: www.waterbus.eu

The tourism offering from Brussels by Water and its regional partners can be found on Rivertours which handles reservations for the cruises.

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