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CHOCO STORY BRUSSELS, the Chocolate Museum.
A must-see for Belgian chocolate lovers.
Choco Story Brussels invites you to travel through the world of chocolate from its origins to the finished product. A gourmet discovery that aims to highlight the quality of Belgian chocolate, known worldwide.
An interactive, immersive and gourmet museum.
A dive into the world of cocoa and chocolate that will invite you to walk through a Mayan temple, where the beans were consumed 5000 years ago, to board the Cortes ship that brought the cocoa beans to Europe; to discover how chocolate was consumed at the French Court in the 17th century and then how it was made into “Praline” in the early 20th century in Belgium. The cultivation of cocoa and its processing will no longer hold any secrets for you. The visit ends with a demonstration by one of our chocolatiers on how to make the famous Belgian pralines by hand.
During the visit, tastings are planned.
The museum, which has been set up for 20 years next to the Grand Place in Brussels, is the story of a meeting between two families with a passion for chocolate. Peggy Van Lierde, granddaughter of the founder of Godiva and the Van Belle family.
Price : Audioguide included in the visit. (8 languages: FR, NLD, Angl, All, Esp, It, Rus, Ch)
Adult: 11€ per person
Senior : 9.50
12- 26 years old: 9.50
3-11 years old: 6.50€ for adults
< 2 years (accompanied by parents): free.
Adults: 8.00
Senior : 8.00
0-26 years old: €5.50
Guide: 90 euros for a group of 1 to 20 people maximum. On reservation.
Other activities:
Virtual reality: 5€.
Creative workshops: €32
Private demos (on reservation)
Sales point for the greediest.

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