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  • Alternative cultural guide

In a matter of months, the popularity of this new offer among professionals in the areas of culture, communication and tourism has allowed this young business to dare to envisage promising development in Belgium and, very soon, in other parts of the world. The City of Brussels, Media Marketing, Point Culture and many other pioneers of this new brand of cultural discovery have set up over 70 culture capsules across the city. These capsules now allow visitors and inhabitants to enrich their stay or journey with carefully chosen and atypical artistic compilations. Free to access using a smartphone or tablet, the capsules can be collected, downloaded or shared by users and contain selections of music, videos, podcasts, texts and much more. Organized by theme or in connection with an event, the capsules highlight the wealth of local and European culture. The app is also based on the remunerative economic model established in France by 1D Lab, which offers a new, fairer perspective on remuneration for digital creators.

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