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Hôtel des Galeries, which opened in 2014, stands on the corner of Galerie du Roi and rue des Bouchers, just a few steps from the Grand Place and the Mannekin Pis. It offers a luxury escape at the very heart of a globally renowned historic monument.

Hôtel des Galeries was planned by interior designers Fleur Delesalle and Camille Flammarion, a cosy parenthesis to fine materials and modern design. It offers 23 rooms and suites over three floors and a mezzanine with views over Galerie du Roi, Hôtel de Ville and the rooftops of central Brussels, or the hotel’s inner courtyard, depending on your preference.

In the bedrooms, parquet flooring and wooden shutters combine with a few pieces by great designers – including Belgian names – bespoke furniture, items unearthed in the antique shops in Le Sablon and, as the common decorative theme, ceramics with multiple geometric figures.

Far from traditional standards, occupying a spot steeped in history, Hôtel des Galeries and its restaurant Comptoir des Galeries, managed by the French chef Benjamin Lagarde, are calm and tasteful, offering distinguished luxury and originality.

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