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Chaussée de Charleroi 132 1060 Saint-Gilles


Tél. hôtel : 02 537 17 87 – Resto : 02 537 10 05

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A new generation of hotels is hitting Brussels! Le Jam is a unique place in the capital, modern, lively and urban, where passenger from all backgrounds can meet up: business travellers tired of cold and impersonal hotels, backpackers seeking a certain level of comfort, families ready for adventure, or bands of friends on an outing. The extremely convivial atmosphere will satisfy the needs of all of these people, whether they seek good design, service level, budget, comfort or an excellent location.

By way of explanation:

Many room configurations

Le Jam houses 78 rooms, some of which can accommodate up to six people, and a ‘giant room’ of 18 beds… meaning that it can accommodate all types of stay and satisfy a wide range of visitors. And it goes without saying that every room has a TV, quality bedding and bath linen, carefully studied acoustics and (properly) high performance wifi.

Prices to suit every purse

At Le Jam prices have been designed to suit every budget: they range from 18 Euros for a night in a dormitory to 150 Euros for a six-person room. And fair prices are the order of the day in the bars and restaurant too!

Concrete décor

Le Jam is in a former office building dating back to the 70s, converted for a few years into an art school, and is proud of its certified original exposed concrete. This is tempered in the bedrooms by low-tech, comfortable solid pine, but it bursts into the public areas – the lobby, the bars and the restaurant – under the guidance of Lionel Jadot, a leading name among young Belgian decorators, who had fun working with it as if it were a giant abstract collage, with a whimsical eye on Dada, Kurt Schwiters and his Merzbau.

Impeccable service

Yes, it’s true, the relaxation pool and its sun deck, installed outdoors on the hotel’s roof, are unique in the capital. But the hotel’s delights do not end there, far from it: with its 80-seater restaurant, its two bars (one of them a rooftop bar), its basement games room, private parking, bikes (Bromptons, no less), scooters and skateboards available to residents, free access to the neighbouring fitness room, its newsletter written by a cultural specialist, etc. etc. There’s nothing we haven’t thought of! We’ve even catered for the scatterbrains who have forgotten their love kit, speakers, charger, yoga mat or hot water bottle, and the gourmands with a sudden hankering for chocolate or biscuits (the best in the capital – trust me, I’m from Brussels).

A restaurant that cultivates Italian accents

A laid-back Italy in Le Jam restaurant, in the form of a high-class canteen Residents and locals alike can meet over a bowl of pasta, huge pizzas and other dishes… simple but tasty food. Here, flavour is king, with Vincenzo Marino, chef at the excellent Brussels eatery Vini Divini, keeping a watchful eye. The breakfast buffet mainly comprises healthy local artisan products.

A five-star location

Le Jam is sited at the intersection of the capital’s most vibrant districts. While the historic centre is easily accessible, the hotel is located further to the south, in the ‘upper town’, as Brussels people refer to it, on the boundary between the districts of boho Saint-Gilles and classy Ixelles.

Just strides away from excellent art galleries, bars, trendy restaurants and independent boutiques, the hotel offers a glimpse of another side to the city, being located in the heart of a residential district, brimming with architectural pearls, that dates back to the early 20th century, thus providing visitors with the opportunity to stray from the endless tourist routes. In short, the opportunity to live the Brussels that the real people live, whether it’s the nightlife, the shopping or the culture version.


Le Jam’s team

Jean-Michel André

Jean-Michel, who conducts this great jam session, is well-known in the innovative and alternative Belgian hotel industry (he was the brains behind the White Hotel, Le Berger and Chelton hotels in Brussels, and Château de la Poste in Namur). He manages his new protege with dynamism and benevolence on behalf of a group of private investors trading as Limited Edition Hotels. The clear objective is to stand out from the traditional hotel industry and to offer real experiences, of their own time.

Lionel Jadot

He’s the Belgian decorator to keep your eye on. Lionel is the troublemaker in the decorating sector, sending convention reeling with panache and imagination. He has multiple influence and his skill at mixing is unique. From the extra coarse to Eastern sophistication, everything nourishes this creative man’s brimming imagination. He endows his narrative designs, far removed from the over meticulous work found in other settings, with an informal elegance that is both surprising and warm.

Olivia Gustot

Olivia is a young architect who has followed the group’s fortunes in the hotel industry since 2009. After working on Château de la Poste and Le Berger, she is now applying similar mastery in her design of Le Jam.

Vincenzo Marino

His micro-restaurant Vini Divini, tucked into a similarly tiny street in Ixelles, has despite its size found resonance in the world of food for some years now, due to the quality of its dishes. Vincenzo Marino, Neapolitan through and through, is now known as an excellent ambassador for transalpine gastronomy that is both authentic, inspired, sophisticated and casual.

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