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Please Surprise Me! Is the first Internet site of unusual and exclusive venues in Brussels and Belgium: enjoy a magical moment in a sphere under the stars or in a Jacuzzi delivered to your home, a starry dinner at the top of the gastronomic firmament, or a return to your roots in a tree-house or a horse-drawn caravan, a romantic dinner for two in a secret and exclusive location, a breakfast sung to you and delivered by the musicians; these are among the unbelievable surprises on offer! Rediscover beautiful and breathtaking Brussels and a creative and quirky Belgium!

Please Surprise Me! Is also the creator and designer of unusual customised events: from a marriage proposal to a wedding in Tuscany or in a greenhouse, from a dinner between friends to a surprise birthday party, from a unique dinner between colleagues for a special team-building session or simply a great surprise. Please Surprise Me! takes your dreams and interprets them in a way that reflects your individuality……

Finally, Please Surprise Me! gives you access to unusual and exclusive venues, without the need for middlemen and which are off the usual rental locations circuit. They can organise any type of event requested of them through their new service: Hopopup.


“New and exclusive venues for an extraordinary experience…” 

Hopopup (www.hopopup.com) connects owners and managers of spaces with events organisers, press, marketing, communications and branding agencies, businesses and creators, as well as individuals, for rentals ranging from a few hours to a day, an evening, or more if desired. The site facilitates the organisation of any type of event – private or corporate – from meetings through to presentations, brand or product launches and dinners, etc.

Hopopup was born from a simple observation:

Many beautiful places and magnificent spaces awaiting long-term leases or to be sold, or which are not fully used, and are therefore unprofitable, generating advertising and maintenance costs to their managers and/or their owner

– Events, press, communications and marketing agencies, film companies and even individuals who are always on the lookout for new and exclusive venues, not accessible to all, unknown and free of middlemen.

Two different problems, a single solution: the ephemeral rental of (temporarily) unoccupied and/or unused spaces for events!

Short-term rental for a day and/or evening, an important income supplement and visibility for your space with a targeted public

1)    an additional source of income that is important for enhancing the value of your property without incurring risk  (between 1,500 and 5,000 euros/rental, depending on the type of property).

2) Promotion of the property and advertising to a targeted audience with high purchasing power

A lease without any risk or administrative management

Hopopup provides a series of measures to ensure properties are returned in their original condition:

–                                                                                                                 compulsory insurance

–                                                                                                        obligatory cleaning charges

                                                                                                                     compulsory deposit

– management of agreements, invoicing and the inventory by Hopopup upon entry and exit for each rental contract

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