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Sphere Travel Club is the trusted community for your most beautiful vacation homes. Trade or rent your next vacation home from trusted owners.

A vacation home is always someone’s little paradise.
Our desire is to create a respectful way to experience stays in meaningful places.

Why Sphere Travel Club?
– It’s a trusting, friend-to-friend environment.
– We offer the same prices as the owners
– Homes are verified by our team
– We offer attentive service and personalized advice
– Shhh… The owners and our team give you their best addresses around your vacation home

We like to spend our vacations in places that have a soul. Farmers’ markets, authentic trattorias, craftsmen… We like to discover all these secret addresses that give us the pleasant feeling of being at home. It is this lifestyle that we promote with Sphere. Vacations at our own pace, respectful and immersed in the local life.
Jessica and Dorian

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