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Over the years, Tempora has been able to bring together the talents and know-how that have made it a major player in the world of designing, producing, promoting and managing exhibitions (both cultural and historical or scientific popularization) and cultural facilities.
Founded in 1998 by Benoît Remiche, Managing Director, and the De Boeck Group, Belgium’s leading publisher of school and university books, Tempora now has a large number of achievements to its credit, including some of the most important Belgian cultural events of recent years. In addition, Tempora is now engaged abroad to promote its exhibitions and original concepts for which it has been entrusted with the design and production.
Tempora’s two main specificities are :
Its unique capacity as an “all-in-one” company, which allows it to create and develop exhibition projects from the conception of texts and scenography to the final reception of the public on site, including production and promotion;
The internationalization of its activity through the development of exhibitions intended to travel (often making Brussels a first stop for presentation), and its involvement in the development of permanent exhibition routes in different countries.

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