Be my stoemp

Stoemp (pronounced “stoomp”) is a popular and simple rural dish. It consists of mashed potato mixed with one or more of the following vegetables: onion, carrot, leek, spinach, chicory, peas and cabbage seasoned with thyme and bay leaves. It is traditionally served with pan-fried blood sausage, roast pork, country sausages or fried eggs, and in some family variations beef or horse steak.

Stoemp can be made with “anything from a hearty beef stew to a comforting soup”.
To go from that to a gourmet single-dish concept is but a small step, taken by Cédric Gérard, manager of the bar and restaurant in Les Halles, and the king of Stoemp, Albert Verdeyen, who created Be My Stoemp Sausage Retailer.