Brussel’s first ever Italian food bikes

Bringing the fresh flavours of Italy to the streets of Brussels.

It’s impossible for us to think about home in Naples without thinking about good food.

Like every Italian family the centre of our home was the kitchen. It’s where our mother and grandmothers taught us how a delicious variety of dishes could be made from just a small range of the simplest ingredients available. It’s where we learnt how to feed a family well for very little.

Good food at a good price is something every Italian understands and not just in the kitchen. Our country is home to thousands of street sellers whose very existence depends on providing quality food at an affordable price where and when you want it. And that means wherever you are in Italy, you can always pick up something delicious on a street corner. Convenience and taste is just part of Italian life.

So, we decided to launch CIBACCO and re-create the fresh flavours of our childhood and combine them with the mobility of Italian street sellers with a contemporary urban twist.