AIESEC in Belgium & Luxembourg


Rue Royale 221, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Bruxelles, Belgium


+32 2 217 47 93

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AIESEC is the largest youth-led organization in the world. We develop the leadership potential of young people through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional traineeships. On the other hand AIESEC has been providing talent solutions to organisations since decades, form start ups to big multinationals. We believe that leadership can only be developed in a challenging environment that fulfils the professional goals of the trainee and the talent goals of the organisation. The trainees provided by AIESEC come with their native and international perspectives coupled with expertise in their fields that can lead to unforeseen innovations, leading to overall organisational growth and value addition. We do more than 4.500 professional traineeships every year all around the world, working globally with partners like PwC, Electrolux, DP DHL Group, UCB among others.