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Building resilience together

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It has been a year since COVID-19 appeared in Belgium and around the world. This health crisis has heavily impacted the hospitality industry, with travel restrictions, lockdowns and bankruptcies. With the help of vaccination campaigns, the hope is that economic activity in the sector will restart in the coming months.

But how? This crisis is also an opportunity to rethink your strategy and activities to increase your sustainability and resilience against the fragility of our globalised system.

hospitality.brussels, in partnership with visit.brussels, presents a series of three morning workshops led by ECORES for hospitality industry players to share their experiences. It’s a great opportunity to discuss the impact of the crisis on the industry and how it has pushed us towards more resilient and sustainable business models.


  • Understand the impact of the crisis, locally and globally
  • Identify the global outlook for the sector
  • Analyse the resilience of your business
  • Design concrete pathways and a methodology to develop your strategy and business in the face of crisesProgramme:The series will comprise three workshops on Thursday 6 May, Thursday 20 May and Thursday 3 June, from 9:00 to 12:00. We have limited the number of places to encourage rewarding interactions. As such, we request that, if possible, you please participate in all three online workshops if you participate in the first workshop.

    Workshop 1: The current state of affairs and challenges for the hospitality sector (6 May 2021)

  • Presentation of an overview of the scientific research done over the last year on the impacts on the sector and its resilience during the crisis.
  • Sharing of the results of a survey of more than thirty Brussels hospitality players on the upcoming challenges they face.
  • Reflection on the short-, medium- and long-term outlooks for the sector in the face of crises.Workshop 2: Resilience and change: what can we do? (20 May 2021)
  • Exploration of the “Resilience coaching” tool, a method inspired by biomimetics to build resilient business models.
  • Identification of concrete projects you want to pursue and selection of available tools.Workshop 3: Establishing your action plan (3 June 2021)
  • Write an action plan with concrete pathways to implement and lead your strategy and business towards greater sustainability and resilience against crises.The workshops are led by various resilience and support experts. The workshops will be conducted in French. However, participants can speak in the language of their choice. The suggested tools will be available in three languages (FR-NL-EN).Note: Companies which are members or partners of the hospitality.brussels cluster will be given priority access to this three-module training series. We recommend one participant per company/organisation.

    Your registration information will also be shared with visit.brussels.

    *If you sign up for the first workshop session, we also request that you participate in all three workshops (6 May, 20 May and 3 June). Thank you!


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