COVID-19 information for companies


Has your Brussels-based company had to suspend its business activities due to the measures taken to fight the coronavirus? Are you facing financial difficulties? Are you involved in any legal disputes? Are you preparing to restart your business? Our team of experts will help you manage this crisis and steer you towards the right partners.

1819 is the regional information and guidance service for entrepreneurs provided by It’s the gateway for information about the economic impact of the coronavirus in Brussels and about aid and support measures for Brussels companies.

1819 coordinates and distributes all of the information likely to be helpful for you. You can access the information at or via telephone by dialling 1819, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. (The physical Infopoint kiosk on Chaussée de Charleroi is not currently accessible).


Our company assistance service

We recently put together a team of advisors with diverse expertise to help you manage this crisis and guide you to the right partners.

With the skills brought together in this team, we can provide you with the quickest response possible and provide effective, free and personalised support in the following areas:

► Coaching (personal assistance, etc.)

►Accounting and financing (commercial strategy, e-business, evolution of the business model, subsidies, etc.)

► Administrative procedures (urban planning/environmental permits)

► Expertise (tourism, events, circular economy, retail, etc.)

► Exports (formalities resulting from the cancellation of a trade show or economic mission, assistance with your target markets)

► Mediation & Law (credit mediation, rental negotiations, breaches of contract, etc.)


You can find more information about the assistance available in each area on the website. + link


This service is for companies:

► which conduct business in the Brussels-Capital region

► whose business is affected by the coronavirus

► which are seeking support in one of the above-cited areas


Interested in receiving assistance?

If you are interested in this completely free assistance service, please fill out this confidential questionnaire, which will enable our team to assess the problem you are encountering and guide you.



Please note that this assistance does not cover questions relating to allowances and federal and regional measures. These questions should be sent directly to 1819 via the 1819 number or by email to


General measures

For information about the Brussels-Capital Region and current COVID-19 news, please visit the following website:

Please see the website for information about cancelled and/or postponed events and the current tourism situation in Brussels.

A list of suppliers of masks produced by Brussels companies will soon be available here.

Premiums and loans in the hospitality sector

The Brussels-Capital Region supports you!
Here are various premiums for your sector of activity:

  • events to discover
    The bonus is intended for Brussels companies and self-employed people who meet certain conditions. You can benefit from an amount ranging from €3,000 to €9,000 depending on your situation.
    Apply online by 4 December 2020 at the latest.
  • cultural to discover
    This bonus is intended for non-profit cultural and creative organisations in the Brussels-Capital Region. Under certain conditions, they can benefit from a 4,000 € bonus.
    Apply online until 23 November 2020.
  • restaurants and cafés
    The Regional Government is going to propose a new bonus of 3,000 euros for cafés and restaurants that have had to close down as part of the health crisis.
    The conditions (nace
    codes allowed…) and modalities (supporting documents to be provided…) of this premium, as well as the application form, will be available on our website from 16 November.

The terms and conditions of this bonus, as well as the application form, will be available on the administration’s website from 16 November.

  • hotels and apart-hotels to discover

Hotels and apart-hotels can – under certain conditions – apply for regional aid of up to €200,000 per establishment with a maximum of €800,000 per company.

Submit your application until 13 November 2020.

  • PROXI Loan

The “Proxi” loan aims to mobilise citizens’ savings for the benefit of SME financing via a tax credit on one or more loans granted by a Brussels resident to an SME. In concrete terms, the Proxi Loan allows the borrower to take out a reduced rate loan with a fixed term of 5 or 8 years from a private individual (close relative, family or any other person interested in his or her activity…), with a maximum ceiling of 250,000€ for the borrower.

At the request of the Government, finance& supports, through loans, restaurants, cafés, hotels and their suppliers who are affected by the coronavirus crisis.

  • RECOVER loan

On Tuesday 26 May, a new measure came into force. It aims at reinforcing microcredits by allowing BRUSOC to grant a cash credit of up to €15,000 at a reduced rate to the self-employed, very small enterprises and social enterprises.
RECOVER is an emergency loan that helps to reduce cash flow tensions and promotes the restart and development of economic activities impacted by the current crisis. Discover here the conditions to benefit from it.

The Brussels-Capital Region supports contact professions, driving schools and businesses active in certain recreational environments which have had to close their doors due to the health crisis. Under certain conditions, benefit from a bonus of € 1,500 per establishment unit. Submit your premium request no later than February 18, 2021.

  • Premium “Tetra”

The Brussels-Capital Government approved a new package of support measures for the economic sectors most affected by the crisis: restaurants and cafes and their main suppliers; tourist accommodation, including hotels and guest rooms; companies in the events, culture and tourism sector; and nightclubs. the premium amounts will depend on the sector of activity. The procedures and deadlines for access to this support will be communicated after the publication of the decisions in the course of February.

Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to consult the FAQ of 1819.

Some constructive projects in the hospitality sector

Chocomarket Belgium: a start-up which delivers fresh products from your restaurants directly to households! Prevent food waste and contribute to a good cause. All of the proceeds from sales are donated to a non-profit that distributes meals to the less fortunate.

Les Bières de Quartier: support your restaurants and cafés by paying for your next visit now.

Horeca Comeback: allows consumers to select a business and purchase vouchers to use at these restaurants or cafés once their doors reopen.

Freva: active in IOT solutions for the hotel sector, Freva has started producing protective shields (plastic visors) with its 3D printers and is distributing them free-of-charge to hospitals and frontline workers.

8pm: an application which allows people to help both healthcare personnel and restaurants during the confinement period. The goal is to provide a meal to the healthcare staff at a hospital by making a €10 donation to a restaurant.

Wat drink je?: a virtual bar which includes restaurants, local distilleries, coffee roasters and brewers. Order via the website and consume the order at the business later on.

Shopsafe: an application which displays how busy nearby businesses are. Avoid lines when running errands and also find out what products are available.

Aidonsnosrestaurants: purchase a prepaid voucher to help your favourite restaurants get through the crisis and cover their expenses during their closure.