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Products and services​

  • Co-kitchen space 24/7: production space (pans, oven, blast chiller); processing space; cold rooms (fridge); negative room (freezer); fridge & freezer cabinets; dishwasher; laminator, tray wrapper; beaters; storage space
  • Food & Business Coaching
  • Consultancy: audit, process, AFSCA
  • Pooling of raw materials, transport, packaging

BeCook is a company committed to the circular economy.
BeCook! is a business incubator born out of the desire to support sustainable food projects, however varied, through coaching and consulting. Its objective? To ensure, in a collective way, that we take part in positive change.
Indeed, BeCook! offers professional and individual kitchen rentals for all types of food entrepreneurs, for both defined projects and more indecisive start-ups. The concept of a collective kitchen allows the sharing of space and equipment. This formula favours the reduction of their energy consumption and therefore favours the circular economy. In addition, BeCook generally welcomes meaningful projects, both socially and ecologically, helps them to obtain organic certification and offers cooking classes as part of team building or school trips.
Here are a few examples of start-ups that have grown up at BeCook: Shake Eat is an association that offers awareness-raising activities around sustainable and zero waste food. Les Pots de L’Ilot is a non-profit organisation that develops a social economy project, offering training or employment to homeless people. This non-profit organisation prepares jars of 100% organic and local vegetarian products. Cutie-Pie offers and transforms glass jars for small gourmets, containing local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Foodiz is a digital canteen that has revolutionised the office lunch.
These companies started their projects at BeCook! The rental of kitchens allowed them to test their concept without risk. The Brussels workshop increases the chances of success by investing little but efficiently.
BeCook! also simplifies the work of its customers by providing them with storage space, kitchens that comply with FASFC standards and expert advice on food processing.
Professional and modern kitchens that allow every new entrepreneur to test their concept under real conditions.
In addition, these workshops are very well located. They are ideally located for UberEats, Take Away and Deliveroo deliveries.
Our motto
“Succeed your food project” – BeCook!
“If you want to multiply joy, you must share it” – Pythagoras


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