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  • Chatbot for hotels

Guidewiser is a project born of the extensive experience of Karlis Skuja in the hotel sector (in the areas of IT and business development) and that of his partner in web project development. The aim of their start-up is to offer customers of hotels and other types of accommodation a unique travel experience with the help of a “virtual assistant” in the form of a smart “chatbot”.

But what is it? A chatbot is a piece of software that talks to a person at greater or lesser length, giving that person the impression that he or she is actually talking to another person. These chatbots appeared on Facebook and Messenger this year. Messenger is used as a communication platform, facilitating access to information and stimulating conversation, since the goal is to support the customer throughout his or her stay.

With this highly popular tool, Guidewiser will generate communication between the traveler and the hotel where he or she is staying, not only during the stay but also beforehand and afterwards. The idea is to offer an enhanced stay by making sure the traveler’s experience is as convenient and hassle-free as possible. As soon as they launch a chatbot, hotel owners will be able to offer internal services (room services, Wi-Fi connection, etc.) and external services based on the user’s profile and location (restaurants, transport, shops, etc.). Guidewiser is currently being tested at 8 hotels in Belgium. The target customer base has been clearly identified. The project will initially be rolled out in Belgian hotels but there are plans to extend it to other countries.

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