In the field of tourism, IGEAT conducts research from a systemic and interdisciplinary perspective into the interactions between tourism, territorial dynamics and social dynamics. Tourist area production schemes, the processes of developing tourist resources and heritage sites and, more generally, the role of tourism stakeholders are the main topics of research.

There are many sides to the tourism business: commercial management of tourism, heritage and cultural-tourism management, land-use planning, and so on.

The Master’s gives graduates a comprehensive view of this sector. The student is familiarized with the specific concepts of tourism and acquires the analytical tools and methods necessary to meet various professional requirements.

The teaching provides the tools required to take on high-level responsibilities in business management. It deepens knowledge of national and international practices and highlights enhancement techniques designed to develop the region and the environment. Lastly, it encourages students to consider rules and best practices, so that touristic activity can be integrated into their environment and into society as seamlessly as possible.