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  • 800 researchers active in Applied Research in the post-secondary schools of the Wallonia-Brussels

SynHERA is a not-for-profit organisation that coordinates the network of 800 researchers in applied research at the universities in French-speaking Belgium. SynHERA has ISO 9001 certification and its goal is to extend synergies between the 19 universities in French-speaking Belgium and their external partners (businesses, associations, government bodies, federations, etc.). The universities and their research centres are firmly anchored in reality and, through their projects, make a contribution to the economic and social development of our society.

SynHERA also works with businesses in their search for innovation and R&D partners by facilitating their access to the scientific skills and expertise in universities and research centres, organising networking events and helping partners to make use of the results of research projects.

Its strategy consists of five elements:

  • Raising awareness of research and innovation
  • Assistance and support for research, innovation and exploitation
  • Training in research for university staff and researchers
  • Creating a network and seeking regional, national and international partners
  • Sole representative of the 19 universities in the field of research and innovation