Call for proposals: financial support for digitalisation

Present a project to accelerate the digitalisation of your company and apply for European funding!

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Objective of the call for proposals

With this call for proposals, the Tourbit project aims to select innovative digitalisation projects proposed by tourism SMEs in order to grant them financial support and participate in the digital acceleration programme.

Under this programme, the selected tourism SMEs receive direct financial support to implement their proposed digitalisation project with the help of a mentor, expert, consultant or other service provider.

The mentoring programme for the digitalisation project will last ten months. This means that SMEs must propose projects that can be implemented within this time frame. The financial and technical support provided by Tourbit should also be understood as a boost to start or advance the digitisation process of SMEs and not as an isolated project. It should therefore involve a learning process and represent a boost that will ideally lead to further digitisation efforts by the SME concerned in the future.

SMEs submitting their project under this call for proposals and intending to receive funding and participate in the Digital Accelerator programme must: 

  • assess their digitisation status with the Digital Readiness Index (DRI) self-test.
  • be motivated to move towards digitalisation and innovation within their company.
  • actively participate in the activities and opportunities offered by Tourbit.
  • have the necessary staff capacity and time availability.
  • commit to providing all the requested information on the progress of their project implementation.

The call for proposals is being launched at a transnational level in the following countries: 

Spain (Catalonia), France, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland, Iceland and Portugal. Tourbit aims to select a minimum of 62 tourism SMEs, i.e. 7 to 14 SMEs per country.

Eligibility criteria

  • Start-ups, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and any other type of SME meeting this definition can participate in the call.
  • Be registered as a company in Belgium
  • Belong to one of the following categories:
    • hotels and similar accommodation (NACE I5510)
    • holiday and other short-stay accommodation (NACE I5520)
    • camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks (NACE I5530)
    • travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities (NACE N79)

This means that the economic activity of your SME must be registered under one of the NACE codes indicated or their corresponding national equivalents in the partner country.

Eligible activities under the call for proposals must address one or a combination of the following topics:

  • the digitalisation, automation or improvement of internal processes (digital workspace solutions, DATA ANALYSIS and data management, improved CYBERSECURITY, etc.)
  • the digitalisation, automation or improvement of customer relations and online presence (digital marketing, sales and communication solutions, CRM, website (including accessibility improvements), SEO, etc.)
  • the improvement of products or services using digital technologies (e.g. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, INTERNET OF THINGS, AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY, CLOUD COMPUTING, BLOCKCHAIN).

Projects may include activities such as:

  • Planning and implementation of digitalization strategies and action plans.
  • Improving the digital capabilities of staff. This may include coaching, mentoring, online courses, etc.
  • Costs for development and/or implementation of digital tools and digital solutions; and/or software for standardisation and compliance adaptation.

It is important that your project be implemented with the support of a mentor, expert, consultant or other service provider, who must be approved in advance by the Tourbit partnership.

The anticipated start date for your digitalisation project is June 1st 2023 and the end date is March 31st 2024.

Financial support

Financial support of 9,000 euros per company is granted in the form of a lump sum, which is a simplified way of justifying costs on the basis of the delivery of project results and products. This means that your project expenditures will be considered justified if the reported project results are provided with a sufficient level of quality. The verification of your project activity will therefore be based on products, deliverables or other evidence illustrating the completion of your project activities. 

Application procedure

Application submission period: between 16/01/2023 and until 15/03/2023 at 5pm CEST.

All applicants are required to submit their application via the online application form which can be downloaded here.

  • The Tourbit project provides a courtesy application form (see downloadable documents below, Annex A) including all the sections that must be completed online, so that you can work on your project offline before entering all information online for submission.
  • It is important that all information provided in the form is correct and complete.
  • You must complete all the sections in English preferably. Applications submitted in any other program language are also possible (Spanish, Catalan, Slovenian, French, Dutch, Icelandic, Finnish, Portuguese). The programme recognises that applications are submitted by non-native English speakers. Therefore, they are not evaluated on the basis of language use but on the content provided.
  • Please be clear and precise in the explanations you provide in your project proposal. We recommend that you prepare your project proposal with the support of a mentor, expert or service provider (pre-approved by the Tourbit project) who will support you in its implementation, if approved.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered ineligible and will not be evaluated.

Documents to download

  • Guidelines for application 
  • Annex A – Application Form
  • Annex B – Declaration of Honour (to be signed only in case of selection for funding)

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