Two guides to understand and support you

Digital Transformation is now considered the fourth industrial revolution. Tourism, which was a forerunner in the field of ICT, with flight and hotel reservations, is no exception to this trend.

Digital Transformation has accelerated in the tourism and hospitality sector. The growing digitalisation of the use of tourism products and the trend towards the hyper-personalisation of tourist experiences make this a major attraction issue.

The health crisis has played a role in accelerating this digitalisation, and in the medium term remains a challenge for responding to the concerns and risks associated with travel and physical contact. Lastly, the economic consequences of this crisis have highlighted the need for resilience on the part of Brussels’ hospitality stakeholders.

The “Digital Transformation” guide, produced by the cluster, now aims to give Brussels hospitality stakeholders concrete tools to boost their digital transformation. It provides information on the issues and problems related to digitalisation, concrete recommendations on the technological solutions to implement, and a non-exhaustive list of partners (mainly from Brussels) to support your digital projects.

Download the guide to digital transformation.

The “Year Release of Top Technologies” guide produced within the framework of the Tourbit lien direct vers  SERVICES/ DIGITALISATION/ le projet Tourbit project identifies the leading technologies and trends in the tourism SME sector. The selected emerging technologies have been classified into three stages according to the level of digitalisation of SMEs: 1) Getting ready, 2) Growing digital, and 3) Leaping ahead. This publication focuses on the first stage.

Download the Year Release of Top Technologies guide.